Beautiful, inviting, thoughtfully arranged class rooms with soft colours and uncluttered spaces set the stage for calm and focused activity in the learning environment. The essence of Dr Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy is the holistic development of the child, and every element of the learning curriculum supports this goal, including the design of the classroom

Learning materials are displayed on accessible shelves fostering freedom of choice as students go about their work. There are well defined spaces for each part of the curriculum such as Language, Sensorial, Art, Math and Culture.

By working in these purposefully designed classrooms, Montessori children are encouraged to develop independence, foster social skills, and find joy in learning.

Notable features that set these learning spaces apart from normal rooms are –

  • Class rooms have an area devoted to peace and reflection, a quiet corner with well-chosen items
  • The Montessori classroom radiates harmony and respect.
  • Members address each other respectfully and in modulated tones. There are no raised voices; no rude or hurtful behaviour.
  • There is a busy hum of activity, yet also profound respect for silence. Students show grace and courtesy, and an interest in the welfare of others. “Let me help!” is a common classroom refrain. Students work together as stewards of their environment.
  • Children take turns caring for classroom plants; do their part to maintain order and help keep outdoor spaces groomed and litter-free.


MMI boasts of an auditorium which provides children a learning platform for stage exposure and confidence building. A place to show case their talent and potential, be it singing or listening to foot tapping music.